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Friday, December 30th, 2005
12:46 am
As I last recall, the group was in a bit of a precarious situation. The monk went and launched himself through a portal that appeared to lead to St. Cuthebert. The Mage managed to send the portal to the wrong direction, which allowed it to open up in the plane with all the forces of evil. The mage was suppose to open the portal up to Ravenloft, but that didn't quite work out. Crunk, the Mage, the Angel, the Rogue, and the Cleric are all standing in the basement of a church in a Elvish town in Pard'eth, while we are unsure where the Monk ran to. When will this cliff hanger end!!! :-D
Friday, August 26th, 2005
11:20 am
So, we all need to sit down and figure out when we all can meet again to play. Apparently Jed can no longer play on Fridays until after midnight. I loooove D&D, but I'm not sure I can start playing at midnight just because I'll keel over around 2.

Ideas? Comments? I'll try to call around later, but I'm assuming we're not playing tonight since I've not heard from anyone and Jed can't be there.
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
9:34 pm
Are we? Are we? Are we? PLEASE????
Ok guys, the big day has passed (And congratulations Daniel and Mary ;)). We had talked about starting up again this Friday. Is that still going to be possible? If so, when and where?
Monday, July 11th, 2005
8:52 pm
Resume DND???
Alright, for those outside the loop, much like Patrick is, here seems to be the agreement. We are going to wait until the Mary and Daniel's hitchin before we resume our campaign. Then, the plan seems to be that we are going to move to a bi-weekly schedule meeting on Friday nights, perhaps at Daniel and Mary's, or Greg's, house, and start play at about 10 or 11 pm. We'll then play until we can't play anymore. If anyone has any comment or modification to this plan, please let us know, and we will modify the plan as much as we can.
Thursday, July 7th, 2005
5:55 pm
OK guys.
Here goes:

Jed, Jeremy and I discussed this, and I'd like input from the rest of you.

We were thinking that we could wait to reconvene the group after the wedding at the end of this month. I know that both Mary and Daniel are going to be busy (not to mention stressed) and maybe it would be easier for all of us if we waited.

The other thing we talked about was Greg's idea about meeting every other week or something like that. That's fine with me, we just need to decide if we would want to do it on Saturday or a late Friday night.
J,J, and I talked about doing it on every other Friday starting at 10ish and playing 'til the wee hours of the morning, maybe at someone's house.

These are things we need to figure out, but if we put it off 'til after the 31st we've got time to discuss.

Monday, July 4th, 2005
10:52 am
Who's a go for this week?

Sunday, June 26th, 2005
11:10 pm
Well, I hope Mary got back safely, and enjoyed her week down south.

As always, this is the weekly, who's on and who's not, to see if we're going to play. As usually, I'll probably wind up calling everyone, but hey, it's fun. So, let us know how things be, peeps.
Tuesday, June 21st, 2005
6:26 pm
Alright, after talking to Daniel and Greg, it has been decided to wait until Mary comes back. I just checked with Ed, and I think Jeremy and Ed will not be going to Ohio next Wednesday, so that should mean we can play next week.
Monday, June 20th, 2005
2:06 pm
My personal feeling is that we should wait for everybody to be here. While I miss playing, it isn't as much fun when somebody isn't there --esp. Mary. I'll go along with what everybody else wants though.
Thursday, June 16th, 2005
11:16 pm
So, the question is, who all wants to play next Wednesdya in teh absence of Mary?

Let me know, I'll make the phone rounds probably Sunday or Monday.
Saturday, June 11th, 2005
11:01 pm
All day Saturday fest
Yo, peeps. While eating with Jeremy at Roadhouse, the second time, he mentioned that it'd be cool to do an all day DND fest, like we've all mentioned. Well, as it stands, and assuming our stupendous DM has the time and means to prepare, and we all have the availability, I do have next Saturday off, and I think we ought to shoot for that Saturday, this being Saturday 25 June. This will allow us to get in some this week, get through some major plot lines before we spend a few weeks without a players, etc... As it stands, we will be short at least one person each Wednesday until July, perhaps longer. Greg and I will be unavailable this Wednesday. Mary will be unavailable Wednesday 22 June. Jeremy will be unavailable Wednesday 29 June 2005. So, this Saturday may be a good point to get us through some of the major plot lines Patrick has planned for us before we have to NPC a different character each week.

Let's get some feedback. It'd be a good idea to have a consensus by Wednesday. Mary, ask your boy there what he thinks, and get back to me. I'll track down everyone who doesn't respond by Tuesday.
Friday, June 10th, 2005
12:20 am
Next Wednesday
Now, if I'm not mistaken Greg will not be able to make it this upcoming week. Likewise, I don't think i can make it either. I think it'd be best that we not meet this upcoming week; however, I will leave that decision up to you all.

Mary, did you say that you would be unavailable this up coming week or the following week? Was that the 15th or the 22nd you said you wouldn't be able to make?
12:13 am
Update from 09 June 2005
Alrighty, we all had some funny noises and finger movements and found that everything we had experienced from the week before was a dream. We woke up in the inn in Aluvia with Azria. The Mage's spell book was still missing. We learned that we had to go to Ravenloft, and that there was a portal to Ravenloft in Elohim. We all set out, got past the soldiers, the flowers, etc..., got to Elohim. They were only going to allow the elves in; however, then they found that the Mage was an accused murderer from fifty years prior. He was able to thwart the attempt the guard made upon his life. It was learned that the Mage was messing around with "dark" powers and accidently used powers beyond his ability and killed his master. After the rest of the group got in, Rouke went about acquiring information of the troops, and snuck the Mage into the town, and into the Inn. Then, Rouke went and purchased a spell book and a school of Analyize portal. After resting up, Rouke and Azria found the portal. We went into the sewers, being that it was probably where the portal was located, and found the portal. First we decided to push over the alter, and faught a bit scary dude. Then the Mage opened the portal, and went through. After some back and forth, and Azria lossing composer, we all wound up in the Abyss. As we were standing around, an army of demons came marching in. Higuery (sp?) decided to go run towards a portal on the other side of the area we were at, while everyone else jumped back through the portal we had come from.
Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
1:44 pm
Haven't heard from Patrick yet. We know that Greg will be back in time. I think since Mary Elizabeth won't be available until 7:30, we should all meet about 7:30 to 8:00 and get rolling as soon as Mary get's there.

Patrick, why didn't you guys do stuff to Ed and Rachel's car?
Sunday, June 5th, 2005
5:14 pm
Alright, roll call for Wednesday.

1) Patrick:
2) Daniel:
3) Greg:
4) Jedediah: Hopefully my bleeding will be done, and should be good to go whenever.
5) Jeremy:
6) Mary Elizabeth:

BTW, I don't know that I can play on Wednesday 15 June. They keep obsession about this ABC card I have to get, and it seems like the classes are only offered on Wedensday.
5:03 pm
Last time
We all went to bed, and woke up the next morning. We decided to head to a town called Elohem (I love it, the Elves use Hebrew). The Mage realizes his spell book has been stolen. We discuss the significance of the lost spell book and how useful the wizard will be nowl. Azra, the Angel, leads us towards Elohem. We come to a bunch of big honka bad guys. The mage, drunk off his ass celebrating the loss of his spell book, tries to offer the bad guys some vodka. The Monk decides to intervene making a somewhat bad situation worst. After Azra fixes the situation, we are allowed to pass. We get into fight with flower creates. Azra sits on his ass watching. Bruce decides to call Azra out on it. A arguement insues. Azra decides to regrow his wings, and fly off. Bruce and Mage start shit list putting Cutherbert and Azra on the top. Angel reappears to challenge us. Then, he gives us a list of shit to do. The list has 1) Rescue Samilia. 2)Find any portals in Pard'eth, and destroy them. 3) we make a banner and unite under it. 4) Get along. 5) Save existence.

We end here, and wait to see what happens next time.
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
2:44 pm
Alright, for anyone I haven't gotten a hold of yet, the plan is that we will all meet at the Round table about 7:15 to 7:30, and hope to get rolling as soon as Mary shows up.

Like always, Patrick, Jeremy, and I are going to Hooters at 5:45. If you want to come along, feel free, just let one of us know.
Sunday, May 29th, 2005
1:19 am
Are we A go?
Alright peeps. I want a check in. Today is Saturday, or well, truly Sunday, at 01:18 (that'd be the AM for your none Europeans). I want to know for certain that we have a go for DND this Wednesday, and come to a concensus on what time we'll all be arriving. If you don't respond, Um...I dont' know...Patrick???

Jedediah: When I wake up and get around to it.

Current Mood: ARRRGH!
Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
11:18 pm
Alright, here is what we can determine thus far, from what I've gathered, at least.

Mary is going to have work related issues for the next few weeks on Wednesdays, need more info on Mary's schedule.

Patrick is available Mondays after 17:30, Tuesday after 18:00, Wednesday all day, Thursday before 16:00 or after 20:00, Friday most of the day, and occassionally on Saturdays.

Me, I'm available Tuesday through Thursday, and Sunday evenings. If we decide to change days, which I am proposing, I can move my no availablity to another set of days.

Jeremy is available Wednesday through Saturday, though this is subject to change. We certianly know he is unavaiable on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Greg is good on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays after 17:30 pm.

Daniel works every day until 17:00, I think, thus he is available X number of days after 17:00. Like Mary's schedule, I need further information to account for availability in Daniel's schedule.

Based on what I read right now, depending on what Daniel and Mary says, I think Thursdays after 20:00 would be our best possible day. I'm suddenly feeling like a douche bag because I'm the only reason we can't meet on Fridays. Many of us could play on Fridays and not worry about bed times so we can get enough sleep before work the next day. There are job opporunities at the zoo...

Congrats to Mary and Daniel.

Give feedback, and let's see if we can't arrange something that suits everyone.
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
3:46 pm
Here are the other times I'm available during the week.

Mondays after 5:30
Tuesdays after 6:00
Wednesday anytime
Thursday before 4:00 and after 8:00
Friday most of the day.
Some Saturdays
No Sundays

If I get the new job:

Most days after 5:30.
My schedule will change quite a bit week to week, but I can try to keep one evening open.

That's all from me except that I really am sorry if I upset anyone last week. I wasn't trying to be shady or anything. Sorry.
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